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When we work together, we will work on achieving the outcome you need and do it efficiently and effectively.  

About Shannon Continued

Shannon Boyd "The Mindset Magician" is a Board Certified Practitioner of Neuo-Linguistic Programming, TIME Techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Success Coaching and Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques.
Shannon has been a student of personal development and mindset enhancement for many years.
Owning multiple businesses, Shannon still endeavours to provide for those close to him, those who approach him through word of mouth, those who request him professionally and those who the universe places in his path.

Coming from a Low income family, Shannon learned to appreciate what he had, and to show gratitude for what he was presented with.  At the age of 20 he was homeless, and through the help of someone who recognised his inner strength, he made his way back to a position in life where he could offer his resources to help others.

21 years later, as a Teacher, Trainer, Coach, Father, Husband, Friend and Business Owner, Shannon still perceives helping others to be the greatest gift to give, for the universe is always watching and listening, offering up resources to those that use them wisely.

Shannon is super excited to be here with you and he is here to support you in uncovering the many dormant resources inside of you that will open doors for you, in both your personal life, and your professional.

Great!  There's a good chance we've heard them before

What services do you have available?

We will determine which modalities best suit your needs, however our 1 on 1 sessions will consist of one, some or all of the following:  Coaching (Personal and Professional), Hypnotherapy, NLP,  Emotional Freedom Technique Work, TIME techniques, SMART Goal Setting,  Release of Limiting Decisions, Sales Training and more.  In essence, when you work with me we'll navigate through the often unseen parts of the mind, discovering resources laying dormant and ready to be released so you can fulfill your future.

Who is Shannon Boyd

Shannon Boyd "The Mindset Magician" is a Board Certified Practitioner of Neuo-Linguistic Programming, TIME Techniques, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Success Coaching and Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Shannon has been a student of personal development and mindset enhancement for many years.

Owning multiple businesses, Shannon still endeavours to provide for those close to him, as well as those.....more

Is there a guarantee?

YES, and perhaps no.  It is difficult to guarantee something when I don't know how committed YOU are, however if you give it your all, and are dedicated to getting results, I will be right there with you, working with you till we get the result - at no extra cost.  My tool belt consists of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, TIME Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Parts Therapy, Dissociative Techniques, Anchor Creation/Collapsing, CORE Success Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation, SMART Goal Setting plus more.  (more info)

What is the investment for a session?

We do not provide one "size fit's all" sessions like most practitioners may.
Each bespoke session is highly tailored to your needs, including what approach to take and which modalities and techniques to utilise, and as such we will not know how many sessions, or what type of session to recommend to you until we have held a conversation with you about the goals you desire to attain.

It is because of this customization that our success rate is so high and why we can give you our results guarantee.

Fill out the evaluation form and upon receiving it I will schedule a discovery call with you to determine how to best approach your circumstances and to discuss expectations and investment. The call is free, so fill out the form HERE.

What can your 1:1 sessions help me with?

*Eliminate Fear and Anxiety (Including those related to COVID-19 Coronavirus) (More Info)
-Weight Management (More Info)
-Stop Smoking for ever (More Info)
-Relief from Chronic Pain (More Info)
-Increase Confidence (More Info)
--Solve Inner Conflicts for Success and Program the Future for Success (More info)
- Eliminate Emotional problems rooted in the past
-Overcome Grief (More Info)
-Undo Limiting Decisions
And So Much More
The potential for your health, joy, success and abundance is boundless — too much to list on this page. If you have problems, emotional concerns or obstacles not listed here, and you'd like to take care of them, fill out the evaluation form HERE

Do I get recordings of the sessions?

No.  they are unnecessary.  In our sessions, we are committed in to achieve the results as efficiently as effectively as possible.  Many of our clients require just one session, and listening to that session repeatedly in the future would be counter productive. 
You may get tasks provided to you, but there is no need to listen to recordings. 
That being said, we do have a library of MP3 recording for available in our shop, should you wish to perform hypnotherapy at home at your leisure and not in person.  These are less expensive than a session, and have proven effective for many people, though they are not customisable for individual needs. 

What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is the natural state that occurs when you combine physical relaxation and mental relaxation with therapeutic suggestions.
Hypnosis is considered scientific fact, and has been medically proven true with testing via new functional MRI technologies.

Hypnotherapy has been accepted by the American Medical Association, the American Dental Association, and the American Psychological Association, and many modern, progressive insurance companies have even embraced alternative therapies and will reimburse for clinical hypnotherapy.  Sadly, here in Australia, things are not as forward thinking...yet.

What are NLP and TIME Techniques™

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the latest, and most powerful development in coaching, personal development and therapy. NLP allows you to directly access your subconscious mind resulting in rapid, powerful, life-lasting changes, and rahter quickly too.  Many techniques can take as little as ten minutes and have an immediate effect.

TIME Techniques™ is a set of techniques from NLP that allow you to completely eliminate built up negative emotions, including anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, and humiliation. TIME Techniques also allow you to release limiting beliefs, restructuring limiting systems that may be holding you back, allowing you to program your future for success - all in minutes. 

What is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)?

EFT is a technique based on the 5,000 year old Chinese-discovered energy system of the body.
You have heard of acupuncture and acupressure, and of their effectiveness - EFT is based on the same science, however with no need for needles or additional equipment.
It is a greatly-simplified system using only nine points and is incredibly effective for many things including physical relief, emotional relief, and mental relief.

Visit our Shop for downloadable MP3 Recordings

Many an individual wishes to address problems they have with hypnosis, however wont see a practitioner unless necessary.  This is where they come - to the Fate By Design online Bibliotheca. 

Healthy Mindset is foremost in achieving a happy future

With so much going on around us these days, we need to take the time to stop, reflect, show gratitude and ensure we are in tune with ourselves, our body and mind, our goals and the universe.  Our collection of Mental Health and Mindset programs (available HERE) will ensure you are on the right path.  

Download your FREE S.A.F.E.P.A.T.H. guide here

Sitting exams, or even the Bar?

We've had clients tell us that they study hard for an exam, either in school or the workplace, and they KNOW they know everything, but they have a mental freeze once they enter the exam room.  They also tell us that when they leave the room after the exam, all the answers they couldn't recall come flooding back into their minds.  How frustrating that must be! 

What we offer those clients is a new study pattern, combined with hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EFT, Anchoring and Meditation - all for only $400 USD.

We guarantee that they pass the exam after following our guidelines - or they get their money back, 100% Full refund guaranteed.

Even Coaches Ask For Help

Life seems to throw us challenges, problems and despite what we do, we sometimes can't find the answer

Or can we?
What exactly are you looking for?
Motivation to exercise, stop smoking for ever, reduce stress and eliminate anxiety, remove emotional blockages to move on after difficult experiences, anger management, fear elimination and improve health and vitality, save more money, make more money and more with our services

Stop Smoking or Vaping

Many of our clients become NON smokers after just one session.  Considering the fact that the average packet of cigarettes here in Australia where I am is about $30-$40, I think they'll have a pretty full bank sometime soon. 

Having trouble with motivation or procrastination?

I am going to use my son as an example.  He was always coming home and finding ANY reason not to start his homework, and despite being a bright kid, his grades were showing his poor application. 
He asked me for help, and in one hour we transformed him.  Using TIME techniques, NLP and Hypnotherapy we commanded his subsconsious mind to support him in his study efforts. 
Fast forward to now, he still does what he loves, but his grades have increased by 2 points!  He said to me: "I don't feel any different really, but I notice that when I come home, I automatically eat, then open my laptop and books and start my homework.  I don't even realise I am not playing games until it's nearly dinner!  It's weird but cool".  15 Year olds, hey?

Goal posts always moving?

Do you find that while you think of goals, and do everything you can to work towards them, they always seem so distant and unachievable to you? You're not alone.  Everyone has those moments in life, and fortunately we have tools to help you reign in those goals and build your future. 

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