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When we work together, we will work on achieving the outcome you need and do it efficiently and effectively.  


Is there some area of your life, be it personal or professional, that you’re looking to change? As little as one session with me could change your life at such a level that every thing else falls into place.


After many years in sales, Shannon felt that the industry was lacking in ethics and morals, and as such moved in to sales training to reinforce good behaviour in new and existing sale staff.
Once Shannon started helping others as a Trainer / Assessor, he found that this was his calling.  Being placed into the Training sector led him to being placed in the Higher School education sector, giving him the opportunity to help place individuals into the workforce, circumventing their anxiety, limiting beliefs and restricted resources.  

From this, Shannon was able to expand into the service of helping Mature individuals who were placed into government assistance programs after unforeseen work displacement.  

Everyone who came into this new return to work program successfully gained new skills and mindsets allowing them to grow personally and professionally, and Shannon is the first to say he learned more from the students, than the students learned from him - he just uncovered the values and beliefs they hadn't yet uncovered. 

These days, Shannon applies his skills as an NLP Practitioner,  Coach, Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner, TIME Techniques Practitioner and Meditative Guide to help you improve in areas such as study, relationships, stop smoking for ever, reduce stress and eliminate anxiety, remove emotional blockages to move on after difficult experiences, anger management, fear elimination and improve health and vitality and more.

Strive to be better than you were yesterday.  That comparison is measurable, unbiased and factual

We don't aim for just happiness in our sessions.  Yes, happiness is important, however it comes with measurable results in both personal and professional life.  

“Such a relief!”

43 years. That's how long I smoked for. And to think I stopped in 1 hour. Yes, I accidentally had one a few weeks later, but that was it. I feel clean, healthy and my skin is incredible.


“I needed the reboot”

I genuinely didn't think hypnosis would help me, I thought it a bit hokey pokey, but after 4 different sessions, I have "fixed" 3 parts of my life. I am considering getting some coaching too, just for my family life.


I had some real issues at work, not being able to call clients on the phone, and not being able to approach someone when they came into the showroom. Shannon helped me recognise my limiting beliefs, and then we turned them into new ones. I seriously should have done this 12 years ago as I am making so much more money now.


“Hypnosis helped me”

Money has been tight since the triplets came along, and when Jeff, left it got harder. I needed to cut costs, and 5 packs a week was nearly $200 out of my budget. Hypnosis helped me get off the smokes and now I'm fitter and healthier than I was in my 20's.


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What outcomes should I expect? 

Shannon provides you with everything you need to be successful in life and business, for you to live a Fate By Design.


Discover What Drives You

We will work with you in each aspect of life and together we'll uncover the values and beliefs you have deep inside, and determine whether they are congruent with your ambitions.
Areas of life include Spirituality, Family, Career, Finances, Education and Self Betterment, Health and Culture

Discover internal obstacles and eliminate them

Take money for instance - one may want money, and work hard to earn it yet never succeed, because internally they believe money is evil, as that is what they once heard from someone important in their life.....

Structure Outcomes and Goals and Achieve Them

Traditional Goal setting has incorporated the SMART program for decades.
NLP has modeled the goal setting habits of the most successful people and expanded upon SMART goal setting to induce more powerful outcomes that you can see, hear, and feel - all achievable through the congruent efforts of both the Conscious AND Subconscious Mind.

Solve Inner Conflict

While you may not recognise inner conflict, your internal beliefs and experiences may sabotage your conscious ambitions.
One may strive for love, however never find a relationship that works because deep down inside, one may think they're not worthy, based upon what was said to them 10 years prior

Find Support To Take Challenges Head-on

Even coaches need a coach sometimes. The problem with being IN the problem, is the fact that you can't see. It is a common misconception that asking for help is weak - sometimes it strengthens one to a level of new ability and accomplishment

Build rapport & Relationships like never before

How great would it be to always win an argument, to always have a buyer see your product as you see it, to have someone see your side of the story? Communication, both with yourself and others, is the key to successful relationships and we can give you the tools needed, should you wish to develop these skills

The Best Day To Start Was Yesterday.
Don’t pause your life goals.

“I didn't expect to get much out of a session, and the 90 minutes I spent on Zoom with Shannon felt like nothing than a really good chat, except for when I closed my eyes for the hypnotherapy.  But the craziest thing happened - I got in my car, drove home, fed the kids, watched TV, went to bed - and not once thought of vaping.  And I haven't since! Wacko I know.”